As the holiday scene or an occasion arrives, we forget everything and munch on our favorite food items that are highly rich in fat and carbohydrate. It is only after the end of the vacation mood that we realize about how much harmful toxins we have invited in our body. These toxins will of course lead to an unhealthy body and will also detoriate our looks.

Do not worry, if you have landed to such a situation. There is a very effective natural method that can help you in getting detoxed as well as burning your fat.

Ingredients for the recipe

  • 2 celery stalks
  • Grated ginger – 2 tablespoons
  • Tomato juice – 1 cup
  • Chili powder or hot pepper
  • Lemon juice – Half part

Directions to prepare the recipe

  1. Combine all the ingredients apart from the celery stalks and blend them all together. Pour the drink in a long glass and drink it along with easting the celery.
  2. You can prepare the drink in huge amount and store it in fridge, drinking three glasses in a day.

Source: Healthy Food Team