After having food, many people would feel bloated almost all time. Now, you will know the list of 5 reasons why you feel like that and how to solve this unpleasant feeling.

What is actually bloating?

Bloating is linked with farting too much or excessive burping. Generally, people believe that it is related with the appearance or when they ate belly full of food. The belly of them looks like a pregnant women or like as it will explode.

Doctors say that bloating occurs when gas formed or trapped in the stomach. Here are the five most important things that may cause bloating:


Many studies say that bloating occurs due to stress. When we are under stress, our brain prevents the proper function of digestive tract. Constipation and stomach ache can also make you feel bloated.

In order to reduce it, you should take care on your diet and relive the stress as well if you have any digestive problems or you feel bloated.


Bloating occurs when gas is trapped behind the poop and when there is need to consume more fibre. By adding fibre, gas in your stomach will go and it is highly recommended to add fibre gradually. Remember, you will face more problems when you start consuming more fibre suddenly. Eat smoothies, berries; replace white bread with whole grain bread.


If you feel bloated, you should eat and drink slowly. Chewing the food slowly is the important one. You may have problem with digestion if you do not chew your food long enough. Chew food slowly and take small bites.


Sugar and alcohol are the great factors for dehydration. If you consume these beverage most of the time, you will feel like dehydrated. You have to take 6-8 glasses of water per day.

The body uses the fluids it contains when you do not drink enough water. Fluid retention is also one of the reasons for bloating stomach. You should definitely drink enough water, if you want to avoid this condition.


The problem of bloating is resolved by low carb diet. Carbs can make you feel bloated if not digested properly. You can avoid prevent the problem by avoiding sugar, starches and alcohol. You have to replace all those unhealthy sweets, especially sugar with berries, blended vegetables and fruits.

Source: Healthy Magazine 365