Dr. Otto H, the Nobel Prize winner, had discovered what the real cause of cancer was, i.e. deficiency in oxygen. An acidic state is created when there is deficiency of oxygen in the human body. It was also found by Dr. Warburg that these cancerous cells were anaerobic (do not take in oxygen) and also it cannot survive when there are high oxygen contents which s found in an alkaline state.

There is an absolute requirement of oxygen for all normal cells, except cancer cells, which stays alive without the presence of oxygen- this is a rule without exception. If we do not provide a cell at least 35% of oxygen for 48 hours, it might turn cancerous.

It is our diet, which plays an important role to maintain the absolute pH level in our body.  PH balance is known as the acid- alkaline balance in our body cell as well as the fluids present in it. In order to survive our body must maintain the pH level of the blood at 7.365, i.e. slightly alkaline level. The typical American diet primarily consists of toxic as well as acid- forming foods for example- refined grains, processed sugars, genetically modified organisms and etc. These foods will lead to an unhealthy acidic ph.  An unhealthy acidic pH balance can interrupt all cellular activities and functions.  Many serious health problems can be caused with excessive acidic pH- like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and heartburn too. Keeping your body in an acidic state may enormously accelerate aging signs. Most of the health related problems arises due to acidic contents, says Robert O. Young in The pH Miracle. This is so because the viruses, parasites, bad bacteria’s and Candida overgrow in the acidic environments. Whereas, an alkaline environment would neutralize the growth of bacteria’s as well as other pathogens.

Home remedies for acidity


  • Baking soda- 1/3 teaspoon
  • Fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar (organic) – 2 tablespoons


Mix together every ingredient. There will be an immediate fizz with the combination of acid/ base. Until the fizz stops keep adding the baking soda and then mix 8 oz. water in the glass.

Drink the mixture all at once. An alkaline environment will be created in the body, which will neutralize the ph. This will not only help reduce acidosis but also stomach acid.

Source: Health Is Wealth Of Heart