It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. However, skin, the largest organ of the human body, might just be the window which shows some of the symptoms of any disorder that might be afflicting the body, ancient Chinese face mapping reveals.

Every part of the face is linked to a certain organ in the body and whenever there is any illness or distress plaguing the body, it manifests itself on the facial skin in the form of breakouts or rashes or an abrupt change of skin shade.


  1. Forehead:

Organ link: Liver, gallbladder, small intestine.

Cause of breakouts: Eating huge amounts of junk food or unhealthy processed food. Also, including abnormal amounts of fat in the diet, consumption of alcohol and increased stress levels can cause this.

Cure: Reduce eating fatty foods, drink lots of water and sleep.


  1. Between the eyebrows:

Organ link : liver

Cause of breakouts: Excess consumption of meat, cheese, butter, drinking, smoking and allergies to certain foods.

Cure: Cut down on rich food, cheese and butter. Getting proper exercise, practicing meditation and yoga is best for treating such health issues.


  1. Cheeks:

Organ link: lungs, liver, kidneys

Cause of breakouts (Symptoms may also manifest as dark circles around the eyes):

Asthma, pollution, smoking, stress, excess sugar intake and having an unhealthy diet.

Cure: If the symptoms present on the left cheek, then the problem is highly likely the liver and hence eat cooling foods like cucumbers, watermelons, etc. and avoid doing strenuous work between one to five, since the liver is the weakest during this period. Breakouts on the right cheek mean the problem is more lung and kidney oriented. Aerobic exercises, quitting smoking, cutting down on sugar, seafood and unhealthy food, using only good quality cosmetics helps in the cure.


  1. Nose:

Organ link: Lungs, heart

Cause of breakouts: Low vitamin B levels, hypertension, bloated and gassy stomach, pollution.

Cure: Cut down on meat and spicy food, eat foods rich in omega 3 and 6 like vegetables and nuts, increase your vitamin B intake, get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked, detoxify by drinking green tea.


  1. Mouth and chin:

Organ link: stomach

Causes:  Breakouts around the mouth indicate that your stomach, intestines or liver might be troubled. High sugar intake, having spicy food, caffeine and alcohol consumption may cause this.

Breakouts on the chin, however, are mostly related to hormonal imbalances

Cure: Curing flare ups around the mouth can be done by replacing junk food with more fruits, vegetables and fiber. In case of breakouts on the chin, drinking spearmint tea and getting hormone levels checked helps prevent it.

6. Jaw and neck:

Organ link: hormones

Consistently eating the wrong foods, being under artificial lights, always being disconnected from a skin-to-skin connection with the Earth, as well as eating hormone-injected meat and dairy along with not drinking enough water can disturb healthy hormone levels and balance. Get grounded (connect to the Earth with walks on the sand). Sungaze during the last 4 minutes of each day barefoot on stone or sand. Eat less food and more of the correct saturated fats (especially organic ghee to provide more good cholesterol production that is the precursor of our most important hormones). Avoid hormone contaminated meat and dairy products as well as chicken. Avoid artificial lighting as much as possible.