We all aim to achieve the perfect crowning glory- hair that’s soft, smooth, silky, shiny, bouncy and full of life. Because of these, we subject our hair to variety of different treatments: hair re-bonding, relaxing, perming, coloring and bleaching, to name but a few. This may temporarily make our hair healthy-looking and beautiful from the outside, but of course, we cannot deny that these chemical treatments are surefire ways of dulling our hair’s original beauty and health.

But hey, have you ever known that what we eat greatly affects not only our body’s health, but our hair as well? You can improve hair health and beauty simply by eating the right foods! Read on and be on your way to achieving an authentically healthy mane!


Feed Your Hair With Healthy Foods, Too!

From all the aforementioned hair treatments, our hair gets cooked and fried by chemicals that are added to it, making it lose texture, luster, brightness and shine in the long run. But there’s hope for your mane! With the right foods, you can revive the beauty of your hair- and an added bonus, it’s a long-term solution to making your hair really healthy!


What Should I Eat Now?

A balanced mix of healthy vitamins and minerals are essential to the body’s overall health and maintenance. Of course, the same goes for our hair! Like the skin, hair health is one of the most important gauges of the wellness level of a person. So, to make your hair shine brightly with health and vibrance, include these nutrients on your diet now:



Our mane is made up of proteins, so, it’s just logical to increase protein intake in our diet! Weak and brittle hair? That’s the consequence of not taking enough protein. Fuel up your hair’s strength and manageability by eating protein-rich foods such as fish, dairy products, eggs, chicken and turkey. Vegetarians, eat more legumes and nuts for extra protein sources.



Our body doesn’t naturally produce these healthy fats; they need to be taken from our food. Omega-3 provides oils that keeps your scalp and hair hydrated. To fight off dryness, include omega-3 rich foods such as oily fishes: salmon, sardines, mackerel top the list. Try eating more avocados and walnuts, too.


Vitamin A

To combat dryness, hair needs sebum, an oily substance produced with the aid of vitamin A. Increase your intake of orange or yellow colored veggies such as carrots and pumpkins to up your vitamin A intake everyday!



Depleted levels of iron in the body can be dangerous because of the risk of anemia. Your hair feels it, too- anemia disrupts the hair growth cycle because of inadequate nutrient supply to the hair follicles. So give yourself an overall iron boost by eating red meats, organ meats, chicken and fish, as well as veggie sources such as dark leafy vegetables and spinach.


Vitamin C

This all-important antioxidant aids the body in iron absorption, so choose to eat them with your iron-rich foods. Not only that, vitamin C also helps produce collagen, which also strengthens your hair. Get an abundance of this vitamin from citrus fruits and from blueberries, kiwi, strawberries and papaya.

Head to the market or grocery and stock up on these healthy foods now! Your hair will truly thank you- bid goodbye to nasty bad hair days! Make it a habit to eat these foods and see your hair shine with vibrance and health all year long!


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