The modern society is getting more and more comfortable with the western style toilets. People sit on it as if sitting on a chair and in many cases they need to bend down their head to put a pressure on the abdomen. But this position is so incorrect that it can be very much unhealthy for you and can create a number of complications many a times.

This is unhealthy because sitting in this position can block the intestine passage by disrupting the natural way. This is because when you are sitting in this position your muscles need to exert a lot of pressure and so, many times you may also get tired. Many times, this can lead to a number of health issues such as constipation and irritable bowels that can also lead to much serious issues such as colon cancer at times.


But you do not have to get tensed in this case because you can always renovate your toilet to get a right position. In place of a 90 degree angle, you should sit in a position so that you can have a 35 degree angle, which is by raising your legs a bit. To do this you can keep a stepper or a stool in front of you while you are sitting on the toilet. Keep your legs on the stool in place of placing them on the floor while your sit on the toilet. This position will not exert extra pressure on the muscles and the flow from the intestine will be natural.

In the eastern culture, many houses use this position even today for a healthy gut and a clearer intestine. Trying this position will surely make a difference for your health and a healthy lifestyle.

Source: Mr Healthy Life

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