Hair care is an elaborate process and one spends hours every week to take care of hair. The first step in getting smooth, silky and clean hair is to shampoo it on a regular basis. Everybody knows that. But many don’t realize common mistakes that they do when it comes to hair care. Here are some of the most common ones:

*Scrubbing the Scalp

This can cause damage to the scalp and also breakage to the hair. Instead it is recommended that you gently massage the scalp using your fingers. This will improve blood circulation.

*Using different shampoos

Advertisements are hard to ignore, especially when each one sounds very convincing. But you must stick to your ground when it comes to your shampoo. Find a brand that suits your hair and continue using this shampoo.

*Brushing your hair

When you shampoo your hair it is advised that the shampoo is worked gently and not brushed firmly, as this will prevent breakage.

*Drying your hair

Most of us use towels to dry hair and with considerable force. This causes severe breakage. So instead just gently pat the wet hair with the towel to dry it.

*Shampooing the whole head

It is recommended that the roots are well shampooed and the ends of hair are well conditioned.

*Shampooing the Scalp

Shampoo your scalp in different directions once a while to improve results.

*Number of washes

It is ideal to wash your hair, whenever you feel that there is a need for it to be washed. Ideal times are every day in summer and weekly once in winters.

*Using hot showers

This only dries out your skin and scalp, so prefer to use warm or cold water to wash your hair.

*Using shampoo for every wash

Sometimes it is just better to wash your hair with plain water, as too much exposure to shampoo may cause the scalp to become dry

*Pouring the shampoo

Too much shampoo is bad for your hair. So use only appropriate amount of shampoo to clean your hair.

*Soaking your hair

Shampoos don’t work well when the hair is dry. So it is important that the hair is fully wet and soaked before you apply shampoo to it.