Wednesday 24 July 2024
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5 Warm-Up Exercises Before A Run

5 Warm-Up Exercises Before A Run

  1. Swing legs back and forth

Slowly start stretching. Then, slowly increase your blood flow with slow leg swings. For 20 seconds, move your right leg forward and backward for 20 seconds. Next, move the left leg. The more you swing, the greater your leg’s movement range. Switch to side-to-side after you have completed forward and backward leg swings.

  1. Flex and lunge hips

You can also stretch your legs further by doing walking lunges. Your front leg should be bent at an angle so that your knee is straight. Next, bend your back leg to touch the ground. After 30 seconds of alternate right and left leg movements, extend your back leg back to stretch your hips.

  1. Stretch side and back

It is equally important to stretch your torso as your legs. To reduce the pain from side stitches, stand straight up with your hands in the air. Next, slowly lean to one side until you feel a tug. Cross your arms across your head, and then stretch your shoulders straight back.

  1. Tippy toes

Your run shouldn’t be ruined by a Charlie Horse. Stand on the edge of the step to stretch your calves and lift your feet off the ground. Let your feet touch the stairs until your calves feel stretched. Continue this for approximately 30 seconds.

  1. Jump and run in place

To prepare your knees for the pressure that lies ahead, lock your knees. Then jump in place for 15-20 seconds more. Next, start jogging in the place. Keep your knees up!

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