Saturday 2 March 2024
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Are You a Vegetarian Seeking Healthy Pizza? Here are some Options for You

Are You a Vegetarian Seeking Healthy Pizza? Here are some Options for You

When you want to try pizza, you are presented with a lot of options. This is true when you are a vegetarian, know that there are many options available at Sardella’s Pizza & Wings too. And that too the healthiest ones. Have a look at a few below.

  1. Artichoke and olive pizza

You may not want artichoke as your pizza topping, but it tastes great when mended with the right sauces and ingredients. Artichoke are best with olives to have healthy taste varieties. The minerals and vitamins resulting from this pizza are great if you have tried the meat heavy pizzas before. You can also tweak it by adding pesto instead of tomato sauce. Or add feta cheese to have a Greek style pizza. The choice is yours.

  1. Mushroom pizza

If you are a vegetarian or want to be one, then you need a pizza place that can meet your needs. And this is why mushroom pizza is the right choice. This option is really simplistic. This is ideal for that who wants to become a vegetarian and who wants to enjoy a creamy and delicious pizza. Mushrooms offer a huge array of flavors and have a vibrant and firm texture that can mix well with cheese and tomato sauce. If you were a meat eater before, mushrooms make the pizza look and feel good but minus the meat. For adding the flavor, you can go for butter or garlic for the flavor will be more vibrant and incredible with the same.

  1. Roasted garlic and tomato

If you love tomatoes and garlic, this is the best pizza choice for you. The tomatoes make the pizza look and feel rich and the garlic will improve the flavor and taste of the tomatoes. Begin by cutting the tomatoes thinly and then removing the seeds by your hand. Next, soak every tomato slice in garlic sauce to improve the flavor before placing them on your pizza. This very recipe will load your pizza with rich vitamins and minerals and make sure your pizza is low on fat and high on taste. You can also add more ingredients to it like spinach and olives to improve the flavor even more. Feel free to add more veggies to make your pie look colorful and tasty.

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