Thursday 7 December 2023
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Beta-Caryophyllene – A Terpene with Potential Health Benefits

Beta-Caryophyllene – A Terpene with Potential Health Benefits

The cannabis plant is rich in a terpene called Caryophyllene. Its flavor is distinctive and resembles black pepper spiciness. Caryophyllene is also found in abundance in rosemary, hops, and cloves. FDA recognizes it as safe. It means you can safely consume a large dose. Make sure to buy beta caryophyllene tincture produced from pure hemp seed oil from online store

The research revealed that Caryophyllene, a non-cannabinoid is capable to activate cannabinoid receptors directly. Cannabis strains loaded with Caryophyllene can be used to treat specific medical conditions because of its optimistic impact on the ECS or endocannabinoid system.

What is beta caryophyllene’s potential health benefits?

The human body has CB2 receptors spread across the immune tissues. Due to chronic inflammation, there is a risk of developing brain disease or damage. If CB2 receptors get stimulated inflammation reduces, which in turn lessens the pain and worsening of the condition.

Research related to caryophyllene is limited but the therapeutic benefits of it can be based on other compounds that activate the CB2 receptors. CB2 receptors stimulation but other chemicals play a huge role in preventing seizures, reduce pain, and decrease the buildup of plaque in your arteries.

Unfortunately, all CB2activators don’t reveal the same effect. How specifically terpene caryophyllene stimulates CB2 receptors can make a huge difference in the potency of healing effects.


According to a study, mice that were injected with caryophyllene experienced less pain. It means morphine dosage can be lowered along with caryophyllene to reduce the pain. It can be the reason why patients prescribed opioids for pain management decrease their opioid dosage when they start using medical marijuana.


Many inflammatory diseases impact your digestive tract. For example, in colitis, there is an inflammation of your intestine. This causes abdominal cramping, pain, diarrhea and even increases cancer risk.

CB2 receptor activation plays a huge role in reducing inflammation. It even helps to strengthen your immune system. Brain inflammation carries the risk of Alzheimer’s. Caryophyllene activates PPAR-γ and CB2 receptors, which lessens the brain plaque accumulation and averts Alzheimer’s. It even prevents cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s.

Common cannabis strains dominant in caryophyllene

  • Bubba kush
  • Chemdog
  • GSC
  • Death star
  • The white
  • Sour diesel
  • Gelato
  • Master kush
  • Candyland
  • Cookies & cream
  • Original glue

It is crucial to buy cannabis products having verified terpene profile because caryophyllene can enhance specific healing benefits. So, check the labels to get familiar with the terpene profile mentioned. However, there is a need for more studies associated with isolated caryophyllene.