Saturday 2 March 2024
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Check The Basics Of Chemical Peel Treatments!

Check The Basics Of Chemical Peel Treatments!

There is a long list of facial treatments that can be considered for varying skin problems. If you are into advanced skin rejuvenation procedures, you must have heard about chemical peels. Often used to enhance the look and appearance of the skin, chemical peel treatments are safe and cost-effective. Compared to some of the other expensive procedures, getting a chemical peel is simpler. Here’s what you need to know.

What exactly is a chemical peel treatment?

True to the name, a chemical peel basically removes the top layer of the skin and is done by a professionally trained aesthetician in a hygienic clinic setting. It all starts by cleaning the skin thoroughly, to get rid of any product buildup and other pollutants. Next, a gel product is applied to the skin, which will cause the skin to blister. The product is such that the top layer of your skin will automatically peel off, revealing younger, newer-looking skin underneath.

Results to expect

Following a chemical peel, you can expect to see some difference in your skin right away. However, most people need at least a couple of sessions or more, to see the effects. There is typically a gap between two sessions, anywhere between six to eight weeks. Three sessions are required for most cases, but your aesthetician will discuss that with you.

Is there any downtime?

Chemical peels are considered to be advanced facials, and the recovery time depends on the type of chemical peel that is being used. For instance, if your skin is not that aged, a mild chemical peel can be used, for which no recovery time is required. Harsh chemical peels are anyway not recommended, because recovery times are higher. Some chemical peels are great for boosting production of collagen and elastin, and you will see a considerable difference in your skin tone. Note that intense peels are typically not recommended for darker skin tones.

Why consider chemical peels?

The biggest advantage of chemical peels is smooth skin. You can also reduce age and sun spots, especially minor ones. Since the peel exposes newer skin underneath and boosts production of collagen, it can enhance appearance considerably. When used in sessions, chemical peels are also useful for fading minor wrinkles and fine lines, and you can also see a difference in skin tone.

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