Saturday 2 March 2024
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Know These Things About Eating Edibles of Marijuana

Know These Things About Eating Edibles of Marijuana

For a first timer, who wants to try any marijuana-based product, these marijuana-infused gummies can be a perfect choice. However, beware about these marijuana-based edibles before you consume them.

Following are few tips that you must know before you decide to take any of the cannabis edibles.

  • Start with small quantity

It is always safe to start with lower dose say about 5 mg of THC, then slowly increase your dose till you get its effect.

It is always better to start with lower dose and if it does not make any effect then you can always take another dose.

  • Be little patient

By vaping or smoking, you can get its effect almost immediately, and however that is not the case with these edibles. Here you have to wait a bit till your body can digest the substance that you have eaten.

  • Remember that edible is “High”

THC edibles can always produce a “High” effect and once it reaches to your liver then the “High” effect that it can produce can always be much bigger psychedelic punch as compared to smoking it. Also, this “High” feeling may last longer too.

  • Choose your poison

Generally, edibles can be split into 2 categories:

  • Cookies
  • Candies

These gets metabolized into your liver, but gums, lollipops or sublingual drops may take effect through your saliva in the mouth. Latter type may work faster, but their effects may not be so powerful and may wear off quickly.

  • Think more about what you are chasing it with

It will make sense, if you take them on empty stomach or feel free to take it with the munchies. But you must go easy, if you are taking it with booze. That is because if you start downing alcohol to get your high, then it may lead to messy results

  • Know the source

As this industry is still in evolving stage, you must know about the quality of edibles and prefer to choose a reputed brand. Make sure that you are getting it from any trusted source.

  • Enjoy in safe space

These edibles-based highs are potent and powerful. Hence, if you are trying for the first-time then choose a safe and comfortable place.

  • Hide your stash

Try to keep your edibles in safe and out of reach place for children. Though, marijuana will not kill anybody, you never know if someone can get the jerk by consuming it accidentally.