Sunday 14 April 2024
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Looking for a way to make eating more fun? Try Color My Cookie!

Looking for a way to make eating more fun? Try Color My Cookie!

Ever wondered what if you could not only bake and eat cookies but also paint them? It takes a lot of time and effort to bake cookies; what if the tricky part was over and you were only left with the creative and fun part? Color My Cookie brings you just that! With this, even kids can be little bakers. The Color My Cookie package gives you ready-made cookies, edible paints, and all the decoration material required.

Why buy Color My Cookie? 

The only thing that kids enjoy more than eating a cookie is painting one! Color my cookie offers a variety of seasonal cookie sets that can be painted and then eaten. Got a little free time? Well, who doesn’t love coloring and decorating? Here are some reasons why buying this kit is a good idea –

  • Coloring is considered a soothing activity for people of all ages. It relaxes you and calms your mind. You can get more info on
  • This kit can inspire the hidden artists in your child. Color My Cookie kit has all the elements you need to feel like a professional; this boosts creativity and confidence.
  • If you are finding something to keep your kids busy with, they are the perfect solution. Painting and coloring can keep your kids busy for more than hours. Moreover, this is not just regular painting; cookie coloring develops creative instincts in a child and makes them smarter. 

What does the Color My Cookie kit include? 

With every season, this kit brings something a little special every time. Right from Hanukkah to Christmas, they offer all kinds of holiday-themed kits.

Every Color My Cookie kit includes –

  • Six cookies to be decorated.
  • Edible paints, glitters, and sprinkles.
  • Two plastic cups for water.
  • Two paintbrushes.
  • A link to an online decorating tutorial video.

If you are looking for a family activity that might also keep your kids involved and happy? Color my cookie is the perfect treat. They are perfect for all kinds of holidays and themed parties and make some sweet memories with your friends and family. This collection is designed for all ages and is an enjoyable free-time activity for your kids and you to relax your mind.

With a wide variety of colors, themes, and decoration material, you can always have a good time painting and eating the cookies. Still, looking for something that can make cooking more fun? Buy a kit and get the best of both worlds.