Saturday 2 March 2024
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Need To Lose Weight? Buy These Pantry And Fitness Essentials!

Need To Lose Weight? Buy These Pantry And Fitness Essentials!

Fitness is a way of life, and there is no one way of staying in shape. Obesity has been linked to numerous diseases, including increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. If you are trying to lose a few pounds, one of the first steps is to change the way you eat. Exercise too is important, and you need to find new reasons to do a workout, instead of looking for excuses. Websites like Framing and Foundation have all the things you may need for your weight loss journey, and to extend some help, here is a quick list of essentials.

Set of dumbbells

Let’s agree that most of us don’t have the resources or the money to invest in expensive home gym equipment right away. Since you are just figuring out exercise, you need something more practical, and that’s exactly where dumbbells can be handy. Go for a set of three pairs of dumbbells – 3kg, 4kg and 5kg. That’s enough for starters.

Have some dark chocolate

For the longest time, chocolate has been blamed for obesity, but if you go for dark chocolate, especially ones that contain as much 80% or more of cacao, it could be good for you. The fats in dark chocolate take longer to digest and can also help in elevating your mood. Just ensure that the sugar content in the product is not too high, and go easy with how much of dark chocolate you have in one go.

Find the right drinks

Most of the time we don’t count the liquid calories we consume. If you are used to that sugar-loaded cappuccino, it is time to make the switch. Check sites like Framing & Foundation to find your own set of herbal teas. Herbal teas are easy on the stomach, don’t contain any calories, and have health benefits that cannot be ignored.


Canned tuna is a cheap and easy source of protein, and it will aid in weight loss. However, not all varieties of tuna are the same, and since you are trying to lose weight, avoid fishes stocked in oil. Fishes are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and you can have a can on days when you don’t have ready chicken breast.

Jumping rope and yoga mat

Coming back to fitness essentials, you must have a jumping rope in your bag at all times. This is the simplest product you can have on the go for that quick cardio workout. Another useful product is a yoga mat, which doesn’t have to be super expensive but can be used for regular pushups and crunches too. Just check if the yoga mat is thick enough to offer adequate support.

Besides all of these products, consider investing in herbs and coconut oil to add flavor to your food. Try and eat at home as much as possible, and we can assure a decrease in your waist line in no time. Just be patient and make time for workouts at least thrice a week.