Thursday 7 December 2023
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Reasons Why Slow Juicers Are In Trend

Reasons Why Slow Juicers Are In Trend

The massive explosion of the global masticating juicer or slow juicer market is a phenomenon that is surprising industry experts and leading forecasters alike. A compound annual growth rate of 6% could be recorded between 2019 and 2023, reports the analysts at Technavio. Keeping up with this trend, the folks at Hurom official store have brought premium offerings in the form of slow and masticating juicers to the comfort of your homes.

But let us dig deep to understand the trend. What is causing this massive upsurge of interests?

The growing popularity of commercial slow juicers:

The world encountered a major business trend while most of it was shut down and was getting used to a life indoors. The growing popularity of the commercial masticating juicers skyrocketed the entire market share to more than six billion USD. The individual points for such growth can be noted down.

    The glaring difference from fast juicers:

Masticating or slow juicers have revolutionized the juicing industry. Employing fast juicers might get our work done in a jiffy, but the nutritional value they provide is almost nullified. The structural and functional components of the fruits and vegetables you are grinding or juicing via a fast juicer are demolished. The individual nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and other essential elements are also destabilized.

On the other hand, slow and masticating juicers employ such technology that creates the structural and functional components of the nutrients intact. The slow crushing helps to extract the maximum nutrients from fruits and green leafy vegetables. When you crush a fruit infinitesimally slowly, each of its fundamental nutrients is preserved.

As a result, when a slow and commercial masticating juicer creates a juice, it contains more than 51% vitamins and other essential components than juice created via other means.

    Growth in technologies:

Most of the slow and masticating juicers these days are coming up with automated features. You can browse through the Hurom official store to get a first-hand idea about the feature-loaded juicers that are doing a lot more than you can imagine them doing! While some of the masticating juicers minimize your manual labors and the automated features enhance the juicing experience, others are integrated with automated systems to increase efficiency and spur continuous juicing.

Some juicers are endowed with automatic pulp-ejection features. In others, the seeds, skin, etc., are separated from the juice after crushing the fruits and vegetables.

    Growth in the number of end-users:

The minimum heat generation and measured oxidation in commercial masticating juicers lead to the nutrients and enzymes’ structural integrity, preventing their disintegration and discoloration. As a result, the end-users of masticating juicers are increasing exponentially. The end-user market that comprises eateries, restaurants, cafes, juice bars, hotels, etc., have planned their expansions during this forecast period. This prospective end-user market is ever-increasing and is opening newer outlets by the day. Therefore, the market has gained a positive and bright outlook.


Browsing through the Hurom official store will lead you to a range of products that are curated for your lifestyle and nutritional well-being. With the slow and masticating juicers grabbing customers’ interests around the world, grab one yourself, and enjoy the benefits!