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Six Delicious Maple-Syrup-Based Products

Six Delicious Maple-Syrup-Based Products

Pure maple syrup is a real breakfast pleasure. However, some maple syrup available in the market is not pure. The pure variety of maple syrup is scarcer and more expensive since it is made exclusively from the sugar maple tree’s sap.

Sugar maple trees abundantly grow in eastern Canada. Their sap can only be collected during a four- to a six-week period that often starts at the end of March. Maple syrup makers collect sap with buckets or a system of tubes to syphon sap directly from trees to storage tanks. Pure maple syrup is rich in nutrients including minerals, fibers, proteins, and fats. Because maple syrup can be used in making many products, they are a staple in most pantries. Délices Erable & cie offers a range of maple products that are perfect for corporate gifts.

Keep reading to know some ways maple syrup can be used:

Maple Butter

This spreadable product is very sweet that maple fans love.  Maple butter can be made by boiling the syrup until it reaches the soft ball stage. Then, it is cooled and stirred. Maple butter is formed after the syrup partially crystallises.

Maple Sugar

Maple sugar results from boiling all the water out of maple syrup. Making this sugar is a bit tricky especially as the water content gets slow since the syrup can burn.  This sugar can be used as a substitute for granulated cane sugar to give a recipe an extra flavor.

Maple Barbecue Sauce

Maple sugar or syrup can be used to improve the taste of barbecue sauce. There are a lot of ways to make this sauce and many gourmet stores that offer maple products offer recipes.

Maple Cookies

Canadians love maple leaf cream cookies. But, most of these cookies don’t contain actual maple flavouring. Fortunately, you can make your own maple syrup-sweetened cookies at home.

Maple Bars

These bars are oblong doughnut covered in maple butter or icing. Some people add one or two slices of bacon to the top. Although maple bars are available in a lot of bakeries, they are easy to make at home using canned biscuit dough.  The icing can be easily made with maple butter.

Maple Liqueur

This product is made by mixing Canadian whiskey with maple syrup. You may not find this in liquor stores but you can make it at home. These days, more and more distillers are experimenting with it.