Saturday 2 March 2024
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The History of Nose Surgery, a quick inspection – Naturally intriguing.

The History of Nose Surgery, a quick inspection – Naturally intriguing.

When thinking about nose surgery, most of us probably think ‘plastic surgery’ and celebrities, lavish costs and horror stories about surgery gone wrong or sometimes even years later as things begin to go southwards. A spectacle for all to gasp at as they watch the TV or read the local paper.

Naturally confused at first.

Would you believe it, there is such a thing as ‘natural nose surgery’(called เสริมจมูกธรรมชาติ in Thai) albeit that the word natural and surgery boggles the mind somewhat.

Well, you’ve heard the phrase ‘Curiosity killed the cat?’. Just as well cats are supposed to have 9 lives…. Naturally intrigued, let’s dive in for a closer examination of what this is all about shall we?

A history of noses.

Nose surgery dates back as far as the sixth century, an Indian physicist, developed a method of reconstructing noses. The operation was first performed on patients who had lost their noses by way of punishment for a criminal offence. Noses continued to suffer in brawls and duels, at one point Europe was overrun by a massive outbreak of liver syphilis, which left hordes of sick people rotting and with severe nose deformations. As such research and development of what we see today started to take place bringing with it procedures such as ‘natural nose surgery’ to clinics on high streets and major malls!

You don’t have to use plastic, these days you know?

Some people go for a complete transformation with plastic surgery, in some cases, it’s so drastic that you may not recognise the person. We all know the Michael Jackson story and how intense some of the surgery can be from moulding new body features to skin pigmentation, one can if they so choose to ‘undergo a complete transformation’.

Subtle, reserved yet beautiful.

Others will want something that is simply an enhancement and much less intrusive, something like. So much so that you may not even notice. There is still something to be said for having an air of subtlety being of reserved nature after all.

Looking at the offers through the eyes of a person who does not desire any such surgery, it would seem a sensible option to leave plastic surgery for those who have no other choice and for those who wish to enhance their looks, the natural route looks to be a more realistic and prettier approach.