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Wondering If Dental Implants Are Right For You? Find Here!

Wondering If Dental Implants Are Right For You? Find Here!

A dental implant is basically a replacement tooth root made of titanium that’s surgically implanted in to the jawbone. The implant serves as the base for replacement tooth. While the replacement tooth can be removable or fixed, the implant is permanent. In case you are wondering if dental implants are right for you, below are some details worth knowing.

Consult your dentist

In most cases, dental implants can be considered for replacing lost teeth, but there are exceptions. Talk to the best College Station Dentist to know more on whether the procedure is right for you. Implants are not recommended for people who don’t have enough jawbone to hold the implants, and for those who are heavy smokers or have chronic conditions such as diabetes. Your dentist will explain everything about getting dental implants, including the risks, costs and procedure. Note that dental implants are expensive than dentures and insurance doesn’t pay for the same.

Benefits and more

The best part of dental implants is comfort. These are not dentures, so the replacement teeth will not move around in your mouth. You will feel better comfort while eating and talking, and this could be a big boost to your self-esteem. Also, dental implants don’t require any extra care. These get implanted into the jawbone, and you can brush, floss normally. As long as you follow the recommendations of your dentist, there shouldn’t be any worries with dental implants, and while the costs are high, the treatment will last a lifetime. In case of implants, the neighboring or adjacent teeth don’t have to be reduced, which makes the option better than bridges.

Other things to know

Note that getting dental implants is a long and extensive procedure. The time required for the jawbone to secure the implant can be different for different patients. It may take around six weeks to about six months before you can get replacement teeth. It is also necessary to understand that dental implants are not for everyone, and since the process can take time, you may want to ask about temporary solutions. With dental implants, the success rate is as high as 98%, and under the experience and expertise of a known dentist, most of the risks can be minimized.

Take an appointment today and discuss everything with your dentist to find more on dental implants. This could be the best way to replace lost teeth.