Saturday 30 September 2023
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Five Delicious Must Eat Types Of Pizza


Historically, Pizza dates back to the year 997 AD in Gaeta, before it became generally accepted across Italy. Around that time, Pizza was only consumed by the Italians and other emigrants, but suddenly there was a turnaround after World War II. This was because it was enjoyed by the allied troops stationed in Italy, who came to eat pizza along with some Italian food. Perhaps many thanks to the allied troops for making pizza global. We all do love our wise guy pizza in Hailey.

Elements Of Pizza

Three primary elements make up your delicious pizza, and they will be highlighted in this section. These elements include:


This is an element that must be in your pizza. Because to many, it is the very secret to a delicious pizza. There are different recipes to make a sauce, such as white and cheese-based sauces.

The amount of sauce put in the crust often determines the taste of the pizza.


The foundation of a pizza and another very important aspect of the dish. The crust has a very significant effect on pizza. We have a thick crust and a thin crust. The thick crust tastes mostly like bread, and the thin-crust taste like cheese.

Cheese And Toppings

The last part of the pizza determines the taste of the pizza. We have different types of cheese used on pizza, so as any type of topping. Examples are vegetables used as toppings, meat, chicken, or whichever is most preferred.

Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Some Pizza! 

  • It makes for a good breakfast meal, a better alternative to cereal. Have you tried pizza as breakfast? If not, you might want to try some pizza, and we are pretty certain you will love it. Main pizza experts still can’t figure out why some people do not like to make pizza for breakfast. Be it hot from the oven or fresh from the refrigerator, pizza is a good meal to take in the morning.
  • Pizza helps to keep your diet on track. This might sound a tad bit confusing but keep reading for some clarity. Irrespective of your diet, be it short-term or long-term, your life changes with the kind of meal you consume. And with pizza, the possibilities are endless, whether you choose gluten-free pizza or choose to go vegan. There’s a pizza out there for you!
  • Pizza helps to absorb antioxidant Lycopene. Lycopene is used as a base sauce in pizza, and this help to reduce blood pressure and reduce high cholesterol. See! Who says pizza eaters can’t be healthy eaters?

Five Delicious Pizzas You Should Try

  • California pizza style

This enables you to enjoy some creatively made pizza because it often includes chicken and artichokes.

  • Detroit pizza style

It consists of pepperoni and brick cheese. Also, typical toppings such as mushrooms.

  • Louis pizza style

This consists of cheese and tomato sauce powerful dosage of oregano. This pizza encourages a whole lot of toppings.

  • Sicilian Pizza

They consist of tomatoes, onions, and herbs.

  • New York pizza

This consist of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.


The above-listed styles of pizza are not an exclusive list. There’s a wealth of other options of pizza that you could try. Just step out and try different lovely pizza styles and flavors.