Wednesday 24 July 2024
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Want to Try A Tasty and Healthy Pizza? Go for Brick Oven Pizza!

Want to Try A Tasty and Healthy Pizza? Go for Brick Oven Pizza!

Health is the primary requirement to be happy, which is impossible in this era of fast food and busy schedule. However, today many people are trying their best to eat a healthy diet and live an active life. However, if someone says that pizza can be healthy, will you believe it? Well, it is true! Pizzas can be healthy as well as tasty. Let’s see how this is possible.

Bake the brick or baking with the brick?

If you flip back the pages and look at the history of pizzas use of brick, clay and other masonry items can be noticed. The crispiness and the smoky flavor produced by the brickwork pizza can’t be generated any other way.

Brick ovens absorb heat from the outer source or fire and radiate even heat within the oven over time. Usually, oven heated up to 600 degrees F, bakes both the crust and topping.

Benefits of brick oven are as follows –

  1. Availability of extremely high temperature
  2. Short cooking time
  3. Unique flavour
  4. Even distribution of heat

The garden-fresh ingredients

Nothing is better than a pizza with local or garden vegetables, and freshly prepared sauces. Though people today are accustomed to frozen pizzas or premade sauces or dough, freshly made dough and sauce have their own taste.

Andiamo is one of the best brick oven pizza restaurant in Miami. They prepare sauce and dough on order by the customer and believe in the freshness of their ingredients and providing their customers a rich unique flavor. You can enjoy the beach or just by the window inside the restaurant and enjoy the view outside.

Moreover, it takes only 2-3 minutes before you enjoy a delicious pizza.

Crust, topping and the flavor

At higher temperature and instantaneous cooking in the brick oven, the crust of the pizza is a matter to discuss. Due to this baking, the heat is trapped between the crust giving a crunchy outer layer and a soft chewy base.

The fuel option for the oven is either wood or coal giving the pizza a smoky flavor. When we say pizza, the first thing we think is junk food. Well, this might be a case with the conventional ovens but not with the brick oven. There is nothing to worry about health. Just choose your favorite type and enjoy your delightful crispy pizza.