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What Makes Traditional Japanese Food Beneficial For Health

What Makes Traditional Japanese Food Beneficial For Health

Japanese food is known all over the world for its health benefits. It is a diet comprised of vegetables, fish, and fermented food. According to health experts, traditional Japanese food not just improves health but also increase lifespan of a person. So, here are some of the benefits that you could get by eating Japanese food.

About the traditional Japanese diet

Some of the highlights of the traditional Japanese diet that makes it highly nutritious and healthy:

  • A lot of unprocessed and fresh foods with very low amounts of sugar and refined foods.
  • High amounts of vegetables, and grains,
  • Moderate amounts of soy and animal products
  • Minimal amounts of fruit and dairy items that result in low risk of dying from stroke or heart disease.
  • A fish-rich diet lowers chances of cardiovascular ailments. Japanese people eat plenty of uncooked fish in sashimi and sushi with a lot of fermented and smoked foods.

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Importance of Soy

Soybeans, in the form of fresh edamame and tofu are seen to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay. Japanese diet includes a good amount of this product.

Importance of fermented food

Fermented food like miso, natto, aduki beans is known to assist a healthy digestive system. These types of fermented “soybean” foods are an essential component of the Japanese diet. Natto is eaten in breakfast. It has got a potent probiotic action that lowers IBS and aids in blood clotting in a person.

Importance of vegetables

The Japanese consume a broad range of sea and land have grown vegetables like seaweed. It is packed with a lot of health-boosting minerals that are found to be effective in reducing high blood pressure levels in a person.

Importance of fruits

Japanese people consume fruit with their breakfast or in the form of a dessert. Some of the types of fruits consumed by them include Fuji apples, persimmons, and tangerines.

Importance of green tea

Japanese are fond of green tea especially matcha tea. This tea is loaded with health beneficial antioxidant compounds called “catechins”. They are linked to fighting viruses, cancer, and heart ailments.


Japanese people have been admired for their long-life expectancy. To a large extent, the credit goes to the foods that make their diet. To get these health advantages, you should also try to include as many foods as you can in your diet.